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About Ali

I'm an aspiring instructional and eLearning designer. With a Master's in Teaching, over a decade of experience in education and technology, I bring with me a wealth of expertise in designing dynamic tech-based lessons that captivate and empower learners in meaningful and innovative ways. As a high school and adult language teacher, I am skilled at integrating digital tools to make learning more fun, interactive and immersive for my learners. Watching them use technology to enthusiastically engage with the language was the ultimate reward.


I'm embracing a new path and eager to carry over my skills in curriculum design, software, and tech tools to empower diverse learners in a new setting.


What sets me apart

  • Creating Innovative learning to spark curiosity and engagement.

  • Working collaboratively to achieve more and adapt faster

  • Forming strong relationships with others, enhancing the learning journey.

  • Focusing on learners' needs and styles, ensuring everyone benefits.

My core values

Little known facts

  • I'm a huge Broadway fan and have seen over 100 shows. 

  • My dog, Aubrey, is also my running and hiking buddy.

  • I lived in Germany for over two years, taught myself the language, and now speak fluently. In 2011, I earned my Masters in German, too!

  • I'm an avid traveler and have been to 20 countries and counting!

  • I love cooking and baking, especially sourdough bread. 

  •  I firmly believe that all subject matter can be transformed into a captivating learning experiences through creativity and innovation, fostering deep engagement and inspiring curiosity.

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