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I've used the ADDIE method to craft a variety of learning experiences, with a range of instructional design tools. To learn more, please check out the links below.


Google Classroom Tutorial

Using Camtasia, I created this video tutorial to teach educators how to set up and use the LMS, Google Classroom.


Teaching Adult Language Learners Training

I've created this Instructor-Led Training using Canva. The course prepares participants to effectively teach adult language learners.

Adobe Captivate

Remote Work eTraining

I've developed this self-paced corporate eTraining utilizing Adobe Captivate. The program equips learners with the skills needed to excel in remote work environments

Presentation of the female boss


Journey of a Book Donation Infographic

I used Canva to create this infographic for a literacy non-profit. It visually demonstrates to constituents the process that happens after books are donated to the organization.



Non-Profit Volunteer Training

I developed a training video with Vyond Studio for volunteers at a literacy non-profit. It visually guides volunteers through the process of conducting engaging read-aloud sessions in classrooms.

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